Jun 07 2010

We Are Probably Not Compatible

Category: 5 Phrases that Cause Relationship Blackoutadmin @ 2:13 pm

It is true that some things are better left unsaid.  Well, some things do not need to be iterated until their proper time (of course, that’s like everything).  Like for instance, if you and your  significant other are in the process of trying to patch things up…”We are probably not compatible…but let’s give it a try anyway” is  not going to strengthen up any bond any time soon.  The word “not” should be temporarily removed from your vocabulary.   If the subject phrase is used, you can just about guarantee that morale is NOT going to be at an all time high.  Although you called yourself painting a true and real picture, any vote of confidence that was given to your mate previously, has been stripped.  When that confidence decreases it creates more of an opportunity for speculation to take over.

Jun 07 2010

#6 OF 10 Things…Not in The Mood

Category: 10 Things Both Sexes Wish Women Knew About Menadmin @ 11:43 am

There is merit behind the popular accusation that several women make on men:  “All men think about is eating and sex.”   How could you  say this and not add sports watching to the pool of pitiful characteristics?  Yes, for the most part, all of the aforementioned are true; but when it comes down to “it,” a man “not in the mood” has really not been discovered yet.  He may be distracted or under the weather; but NOT IN THE MOOD?  You’re talking a man?  Very unlikely to happen.

Jun 03 2010

#2 Bars Tend to be a “Quick Fix”, Not a Long-term Solution

Now it certainly does not take rocket science to figure out that some people just flat out use bars as place for “fantasies” or a means to escape.  Again, not judging anyone or any type of environment.  But if you’re a regular at the bar and you are seeking a significant other, these things have to be taken into consideration.  Why?  Easy…you have some very wayward people out there who simply get themselves inebriated to the point at which they even forget about their own shortcomings.  Thus if you so happen to run into a person of this status at a bar, you will more than likely be face to face with their fantasy representative.  Meaning, there is a possibilty you will converse with a big smoke screen which in the long run is a recipe for disaster.  Why not put yourself in a position to meet someone whose judgement, speak, and character are unimpeded and you stand a better chance of meeting the real person?  Let’s face it, it’s hard enough getting a gist of the person without the influence of alcohol.

Jun 02 2010

#5 OF 10 Things…Unrelated Issues

Category: 10 Things Both Sexes Wish Women Knew About Menadmin @ 1:30 pm

Okay, with this one…may as well get directly to the point.  Ladies, to a man, after foreplay is not the time to discuss unrelated issues…period.  In essence, if you need to speak with him about an unpaid bill, errands, or t-ball practice for little Johnnie, just plan to do it way before or way afterwards.  If you should choose to board that intimate flight, please plan on taxi, take-off, and landing.  Do not board the flight, taxi for a while, just to turn around and head back to the gate. 
Or if you should get airborne, lose focus, and decide to bring up unrelated issues at high altitude, it is guaranteed that your flight will be extremely turbulent.  Mitigate the turbulence and just wait ’til later to bring up the off-subject.

Now, if he is in the doghouse, that of course puts a completely different dynamic on everything. 
Regardless of the circumstances, the bringing up of unrelated issues during  those times of high intimacy is equivalent to torture for him.  Ladies, if you are NOT attempting to torture him, just make  a mental note to bring it up later.

Jun 02 2010

I Should Have Stayed with My Ex

Category: 5 Phrases that Cause Relationship Blackoutadmin @ 12:36 pm

Well, I hope that somebody likes worms; because a whole can of them has just been opened.  Most people do not realize the psychological impact this has on someone when the subject words are iterated during a lover’s argument.  Immediately the speculation is elevated to an alarming level.  Why?  Your significant other is going to wonder if you have indeed been involved with your ex while partaking of your current relationship.  Not only that, they now may have reason to not trust you at all.  And when that trust is gone, so is the relationship.  So deep down inside, even if you feel (to some degree) you should have  stayed with your ex, if you are trying to salvage your current relationship, refrain from making this relationship-plug-pulling statement.  Otherwise it will be over before you two can walk away from each other.