Oct 14 2010

TTD #3 TFST Syndrome

Category: 3 Textually Transmitted Diseasesadmin @ 12:03 pm

Sometimes an innocent text by a significant other can spiral into a massive argument.  Texting for the sake of texting (TFST) is a nasty habit of several people.  It makes you wonder what the heck you were doing with your time before you even learned how to text.  Many people out there just text because their phone or blackberry has that capability per a sophisticated service plan.  You never know, your significant other could be having a bad day and you text them a joke…and they receive it all wrong.  Next thing you know, they’re blasting you on a reply text and your feelings are hurt because you didn’t mean any harm.  And now, an argument ensues. 

Texting is what people do nowadays…BUT DO NOT WEAR IT OUT.