Jun 21 2011

Passion with no Governing

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Have you ever met someone so passionate that they cannot even see straight?  We all know them and as nerve-racking as they can be, we still have a desire to be in their corner because they are so passionate in a time where many people lack it.  Immense drive, determination, and spirit earmark that person who is fueled heavily by passion.  The aforementioned are wonderful traits that really cannot be taught.  HOWEVER, anytime some logic is needed; but is not there, it won’t take very long for things to go awry.  If you are in a business, and there are moving parts involved, you cannot avoid logistics.  Even if you choose to shield yourself from business realities and hide deeply within your passion, things are still falling apart; but you’re just not allowing yourself to see them fall apart.  There’s nothing wrong with passion providing a temporary escape from reality; but you cannot really escape reality unless you’re on some sort of drugs – and that escape is temporary. 

When it comes to a person who operates via sheer passion, we do love them, but it is challenging at times.  Extremely passionate people are known for not listening to others advice, especially if the advisor is a technical or a business person.  Next thing you know, tensions run high as the friendship becomes strained or damaged.  It is almost like the “starving artist” syndrome in which logic gets locked outside so that it cannot interfere with king passion inside. 

Passion Overboard is an issue that many have dealt with for centuries.  And based on current happenings, it does not look like things will change anytime soon.  The best way to deal with someone who is passion first…just be yourself and take it case by case.  Don’t forget to remain prayerful and to be patient!

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.  Enjoy your day!

Jun 18 2011

Lost in Translation

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So many of us have learned the hard way that email communication is NOT the same as having a basic face to face conversation.  Moods, tones, and angles can be very difficult to pick up on and digest via electrons.  Misinterpretations are VERY EASY to come by.  Next thing you know, you have offended someone and you did not even know it.  Then when you see them, you cannot figure out why the negative energy.  You ask, and they’re mum.  Then some time down the road they finally come clean with how and why they feel the way they feel. 

Now I’m no e-communication genius or anything of the sort; but I have learned that when we’re quick to convey a point on the email or text, we’re merely typing out some words as swiftly as possible in response to something.  When this occurs, we may not be quick to process how our message will be received.  We’re not taking into account that all-caps and exclamation points and other various symbols can easily strike a nerve when they pop up on a receiving Blackberry, Iphone, or laptop screen.  But all it takes is one good time getting burned and we should learn our lesson right?  Well, HOW SOON WE FORGET.  It may actually take a couple of times. 

All in all, in my opinion, if you take writing seriously, then consider email/text a form of writing.  Not only should a spellcheck be applied; but also check for tone, energy, and possible “come off.”  And NO the other person should NOT be used to how you communicate because they are NOT you. 

Do not let your true message get lost in translation.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy…Enjoy your day!

Jun 11 2011

PEOPLE: Can you do With or Without Them?

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I do not care how wise, conditioned, or saved you may be, people are going to work your nerves to the point at which you want to launch yourself off to another planet and live with aliens.  AND if you are a “high striver” the aforementioned is only going to be amplified.  Why do I say this?  Simple…the more you strive, the more people you will come across in different capacities.  All it takes is for one person to be late, not deliver, or fail to adhere to a contract and thus another huge obstacle is created.  But one of the funniest things in life, is your recognition of the fact that just about everyone in your life who has gotten under skin, has assisted you in some way or shape.  Isn’t that amazing?  Regardless of anyones  flaws, they still play a significant capacity in life.  Although it is hard to see someones worth when you are angry at them, they have had the same struggle when you, by some crazy chance, made them angry as well.  So, I say again…PEOPLE:  Can you do with or without them?  Only you can decide this; but at the end of the day, I am confident that you will say, you need them!

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy…have a great day!

Jun 10 2011

Overnite Cyber-sation

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I for one am a proponent of advancement, be it on the personal or business side of the house.  When someone succeeds after having worked hard and executed things appropriately, I am the first one to cheer for them.  HOWEVER, in this day and age of the social network takeover (and yes, I am also a supporter of social networking and its causes), simple fundamentals of business and pouring sweat equity into what you do, seem to be lacking.  I say this because you have people out there that call themselves having a product or body of work; but they have NEVER researched business plan development or studied marketing strategies.  Not saying one has to be well versed in the aforementioned; but doggone…where is the limit?  I mean, you have an idea, you establish an online presence via various social networks, acquire a few followers, and BAM!  You are an instant star without trials and tribulations.  W-R-O-N-G!!!  If you do not make the necessary sacrifices, you will not get to where you really need to go…BOTTOM LINE.

Now please do not get me wrong.  I am not knocking anyone’s hustle or intentions.  BUT, if you are not cognizant of what basic hard work and basic economics are, your online gimmick is going to yield gimmick dollars. 

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy…Enjoy your day!

Jun 09 2011

Wherever “There” is…

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Where the heck is “there?”  You don’t know do you?  Have you ever received a postcard from someone who’s made it there?  Okay, for you CONCLUSIONISTS, I’m not referring to Heaven so lighten up.  Have they ever tweeted or texted from there?  Many of us go 100mph in an effort to make it to a place that we have no clue about.  We exert ourselves to no end in an valiant quest  to get to the end…like we know what the end entails.  WHY AM I SAYING ALL OF THIS?  Very simple…in my aggressive jaunt down this path we call life, I’ve learned the hard way that the destination is indeed the journey.   In my humble opinion, God grants us a victory every time we have the opportunity to step onto the field of play, and grind it out for another day.  To me, wisdom teaches us that our main objective should be finding a way to stay on the battlefield, and NOT to finish the war.  Because as long as you and I are breathing, the war will NOT be over.  Sometimes staying on the battlefield can be confusing or deceiving based on the obstacles incurred.  Learn to enjoy a “daily” victory while not getting caught up in making it “there…” again, wherever there is.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy…enjoy your day!

Jun 08 2011

Spoken Word Loses a Hero May 29th, 2011

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Will “Da Real One” Bell, HBO Def Poet, Slam Champion, Owner of Miami’s Famed Literary Cafe, and South Florida spoken word pioneer, lost his life to gunfire from lost souls who senselessly decided they were going to show how tough they were…or how tough they “thought” they were.
Will was so many things to so many people.  His spirit was so positive and strong.  He was walking inspiration.  Whenever one entered the literary cafe they felt right at home because Will, in his humble/comedic fashion set the scene nicely as he hosted a plethora of wonderful shows.

Rest in peace my friend…your legend will NEVER die.

Jun 08 2011

Richie Carter “Exposed” May 22nd, 2011

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Huntsville, AL’s own Richie Carter really outdid himself as he created a photographic oasis at the beautiful new wing of The Huntsville Museum of Art on Sunday, May 22nd as he “EXPOSED” the cutting edge photographer in him, to the community.  Not only did he display numerous gigantic prints of his awesome work, Richie also provided masterful hardback albums of his photos as well.  The venue was packed to capacity as the engaged audience enjoyed refreshments, door prizes, and very timely commentary by Richie himself.

Jun 08 2011

Marc Lacy & Friends May 14th, 2011

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The very first Marc Lacy & Friends event took place Saturday May 14th, 2011 at D4C Performing Arts Center (Madison, AL)…featuring Tasha Jones, J White, and Urban Light…hosted by Marc Lacy.  The Huntsville area, after having enduring severe storms a couple of weeks prior, was most certainly ready to engage in a “feel good” activity.  The Marc Lacy & Friends event did just that as each artist/poet/presenter wowed the crowd with amazing skills.  The vibe was perfect for seeds to be planted for the subsequent event.  Stay tuned for details.