Oct 28 2011

Destiny Wine Release in Atlanta…Simply Awesome!

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When Jay White (tapintoyourdestiny.com), puts his mind to something, only God can stop him.  But more than likely God is not going to stop him because it was God Himself who told Jay and blessed him to do it.  Jay, who is a filmmaker, barber, poet, author, tapper, wine producer, and a very spiritual person has raised the bar to the point at which it is just about out of reach.  This man, made this serious assortment of wines with his bare hands.  And to culminate this occurence, he had a release extravaganza in Fairburn, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta) at a private airfield.  The scene was extremely artistic and the atmosphere was super-positive as models literally walked the red carpet on the runway itself, Poets Urban Light and Marc Lacy rocked the mic with lyrics accenting the occasion.  Abyss Graham and his band put everyone in a trance with their neo-jazzy-soul vibe.  To top that off, there was a magician who caught everyone off-guard with his clever trickery.  The staff was super, and the coordination was stellar.  Of course, the man of the hour, Jay, blessed us with very timely commentary.  After the event, we all consumed tasty soulfood, then capped the night off at Wine Styles in SWATs with wine tasting and spoken word performances. 

God has big plans for Mr. Jay White.  I’m personally enjoying witnessing the manifestation.

Oct 28 2011

OCTOBER ’11 AVOCrew Friday Night Reunion…Yeah…

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Once again, The AVOCrew had the Omega Center rockin’ as many AAMU Alums hit the City of Huntsville and turned it out in celebration of another wonderful homecoming.  Even though it  seemed there were less people in town, the atmosphere was still electric and the weather was perfect.  Yes, The AVOCrew offered a very mature (30 and up) atmosphere.  Many Alums were very appreciative of the fact that we stuck to our  guns and did not flip the format.  Yog! and Company Band turned it out during the VIP Reception while people were getting situated and ready for the throwdown.

Thanks all friends and supporters!

Oct 28 2011

AUGUST ’11 Marc Lacy & Friends…A Smashing Success!

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The second Marc Lacy & Friends event was pivotal to say the least.  Not only were we not gripped by the remnants of the April 27th tornados; but we were blessed with some great weather on that day.  Jessica Care Moore definitely illustrated why she has the reputation she has.  Dichotomy had the ladies on the edge of their seat the whole time he was on the mic.  PMS Band rocked like no other, DJ Self-Esteem spun  the tunes forcing people to reminisce about back in the day.  Chef Will prepped the eats tickling taste buds like there was no tomorrow.  The Marc Lacy & Friends staff wowed the audience with cutting-edge and very timely presentations.  Big up to Terri and Curtis who are the owners of D4C Studio for Performing Arts.  Next Stop…SOCA Galleria in BridgeStreet featuring HBO Def Poet…Georgia Me, November 12th.

Oct 28 2011

Do You Know How to Deal with a Backstabber?

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Honestly, here is yet another topic where if you ask five people, you will get five different answers.  Some people will tell you to just cut them off.  Others will tell you to forgive them because “they know not what they do…” then walk off into the sunset as if they found a cure for Cancer.   It’s really case by case and there is no ultimate blanket solution for this.  HOWEVER, forgiving them is the first step.  But before we go any further, let us make sure we understand what forgiving is and also the power that is in forgiving.  Remember, when you forgive someone, that does not mean you have to be in their face smiling.  It also does not mean that you are championing what they do or what they stand for.  How is there power in forgiving?  When you forgive someone, you set yourself free.  You release the hold they have on you. 

Ready to take it a step further?  Okay, in dealing with the backstabber specifically, you have to really analyze the situation.  Are you both in the same circle and cross the same paths often?  Do you only come into contact with them every now and then?  Did they REALLY stab you in the back?  Or did someone just say it to start something up and/or keep it going? 

Like I said before, there is no ultimate blanket solution that EVERY person can apply and witness a quick turn-around.  HOWEVER, try forgiving them and think of it as SETTING YOURSELF FREE.  Do it for you, and not for them.  But again, only a fool would continuously place themselves in the line of fire of a known backstabber.  Forgive and forgo!  Do not try and test your faith by placing yourself directly in the line of fire.  That is certainly not what faith is here for. 

Be smart, be patient, and be faithful.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Have a pleasant day.

Oct 16 2011


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Genesis: 1929 Exodus: 1968, living legacy is no longer theoretical or hypothetical. Living legacy does not absolve the present populous of the responsibility of continued vigilance, efforts, and dedication. Today is a day of serious reflection, celebration, and reaffirmed commitments. Today is a day on which my honor, dignity, and pride are elevated and ar…e scraping the edges of the atmosphere. Today is “the” day on which our friend, our brother, my fraternity brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will be honored via the memorial that was erected in his likeness.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Enjoy your day!

Oct 01 2011

In Principle/In Practice

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Before you indulge in this blog today, I will go ahead and beg for your pardon in advance for my frank speak here.  Now I know I am speaking about what many people are already thinking; but may not necessarily be processing or saying.  As human beings, for the most part, we are taught to do what is right or learn what is right.  Of course knowledge and execution are in two completely different solar systems.  With that said, allow me to pick your brain for a moment. What is a common phrase mentioned by public speakers, preachers, coaches, parents, and leaders?  Need help remembering?  Allow me to assist.  How about, “We’re all in this together.”  Or better yet, “We’re all God’s children.”  And finally, “We need to love everybody like we love ourselves.”  If I wrote a book on principles, you can rest assured that the aforementioned phrases among others, would be plastered all over the publication.  Better yet, I would have the reader swooning as examples would be applied via testimony or maybe through a short story or something.  Words and principle have been united in Holy Matrimony and well NEVER, EVER witness divorce.  I could turn words into prostitutes and make you the John instantaneously; because it was you who gave the “buy in” to what you read.  Okay, my whole point in saying this is not to boast; but to illustrate how what we read and hear can paint a picture of reality.  But yet what we practice may not line up with what we read and hear; yet and still we tend to hear the same thing over and practice the same thing over (different than what we heard) and still feel we are okay.  Don’t get me wrong, I am the LAST person who needs to judge anyone; but I can see clearly just like the next person who chooses to recognize truth.  WHY AM I SAYING ALL OF THIS?  Well, it just makes me wonder how people think “it is supposed to be.”  Because we HEAR We’re all God’s children, We’re all in this together, We’re supposed to love everyone like we love ourselves, yet we go to different churches, support different religions, roll with different cliques, join different organizations, attend different functions, like different people, highlight different laws, emphasize different verses/books of The Bible, and support whatever alternative lifestyle we desire. 

 Will people EVER look at practice on the same level as principle?  I personally do not think so because we are taught to verbally express the correct principle in the proper setting; but when it comes to practice, habitually, we are satisfied with just letting the chips fall where they may.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Enjoy your day!