Oct 28 2011

Destiny Wine Release in Atlanta…Simply Awesome!

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When Jay White (tapintoyourdestiny.com), puts his mind to something, only God can stop him.  But more than likely God is not going to stop him because it was God Himself who told Jay and blessed him to do it.  Jay, who is a filmmaker, barber, poet, author, tapper, wine producer, and a very spiritual person has raised the bar to the point at which it is just about out of reach.  This man, made this serious assortment of wines with his bare hands.  And to culminate this occurence, he had a release extravaganza in Fairburn, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta) at a private airfield.  The scene was extremely artistic and the atmosphere was super-positive as models literally walked the red carpet on the runway itself, Poets Urban Light and Marc Lacy rocked the mic with lyrics accenting the occasion.  Abyss Graham and his band put everyone in a trance with their neo-jazzy-soul vibe.  To top that off, there was a magician who caught everyone off-guard with his clever trickery.  The staff was super, and the coordination was stellar.  Of course, the man of the hour, Jay, blessed us with very timely commentary.  After the event, we all consumed tasty soulfood, then capped the night off at Wine Styles in SWATs with wine tasting and spoken word performances. 

God has big plans for Mr. Jay White.  I’m personally enjoying witnessing the manifestation.

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  1. Sherita Goodmanson says:

    Is there a problem with the Style sheet here? I can’t make out anything here without highlighting it with the mouse, because it’s all purple. I’m using Opera if it makes a difference.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. But at present, we do not know of any problem.

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