Dec 02 2011

NOVEMBER ’11 Marvin Sapp Concert

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The house was packed and the vibe was great.  That Friday Night (November 18th), I was the first to take the stage in front of a very eager and responsive audience.  The EpiCenter in Tanner, AL was spirit-filled and there was no doubt about the fact that God was in the place to be.  I could feel every heartbeat of the audience when I began to kick my flow.  By the time I walked off stage, I could say, “Hey, I was one of the openers for Marvin Sapp.” A great feeling indeed.  Cynthia Hines & New Day, Crimson, Jamel Strong, and Kenn Orr all tore the roof off in an effort to warm up the crowd for headliner Marvin Sapp.  Mr. Sapp performed for about 45 minutes as he ministered to the crowd between hits.  His finale was an eloquent rendition of his most popular hit, “Never Would have Made it.”

Dec 02 2011

NOVEMBER ’11 Marc Lacy & Friends…Very Hype!!!

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MLF Member Kimeko Farrar warmed the mic up.  Then Dante and Tia (GRAVATY) showed the Ville how Nashville brings it by swooning the audience with their precise poetic-vernacular.  And finally, HBO Def Poet, Georgia Me simply pulverized the mic.  Her edgy but clever delivery brought the crowded house to  several “oohs and ahhs.”  She brought along a friend with her…the well acclaimed M’reld Green (from ATL by way of Chicago).  Georgia Me and M’Reld did a few joint pieces as well as solos and they flat out killed it!  Of course, at the end of the set, both performers walked off to a standing ovation. 

The following Monday, Marc Lacy & Friends held its first group powerchat and it was a success.  The energy was flowing and the vibe was electric.  This one definitely set the tone for bigger and more robust powerchats to come.

Oct 28 2011

Destiny Wine Release in Atlanta…Simply Awesome!

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When Jay White (, puts his mind to something, only God can stop him.  But more than likely God is not going to stop him because it was God Himself who told Jay and blessed him to do it.  Jay, who is a filmmaker, barber, poet, author, tapper, wine producer, and a very spiritual person has raised the bar to the point at which it is just about out of reach.  This man, made this serious assortment of wines with his bare hands.  And to culminate this occurence, he had a release extravaganza in Fairburn, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta) at a private airfield.  The scene was extremely artistic and the atmosphere was super-positive as models literally walked the red carpet on the runway itself, Poets Urban Light and Marc Lacy rocked the mic with lyrics accenting the occasion.  Abyss Graham and his band put everyone in a trance with their neo-jazzy-soul vibe.  To top that off, there was a magician who caught everyone off-guard with his clever trickery.  The staff was super, and the coordination was stellar.  Of course, the man of the hour, Jay, blessed us with very timely commentary.  After the event, we all consumed tasty soulfood, then capped the night off at Wine Styles in SWATs with wine tasting and spoken word performances. 

God has big plans for Mr. Jay White.  I’m personally enjoying witnessing the manifestation.

Oct 28 2011

OCTOBER ’11 AVOCrew Friday Night Reunion…Yeah…

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Once again, The AVOCrew had the Omega Center rockin’ as many AAMU Alums hit the City of Huntsville and turned it out in celebration of another wonderful homecoming.  Even though it  seemed there were less people in town, the atmosphere was still electric and the weather was perfect.  Yes, The AVOCrew offered a very mature (30 and up) atmosphere.  Many Alums were very appreciative of the fact that we stuck to our  guns and did not flip the format.  Yog! and Company Band turned it out during the VIP Reception while people were getting situated and ready for the throwdown.

Thanks all friends and supporters!

Oct 28 2011

AUGUST ’11 Marc Lacy & Friends…A Smashing Success!

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The second Marc Lacy & Friends event was pivotal to say the least.  Not only were we not gripped by the remnants of the April 27th tornados; but we were blessed with some great weather on that day.  Jessica Care Moore definitely illustrated why she has the reputation she has.  Dichotomy had the ladies on the edge of their seat the whole time he was on the mic.  PMS Band rocked like no other, DJ Self-Esteem spun  the tunes forcing people to reminisce about back in the day.  Chef Will prepped the eats tickling taste buds like there was no tomorrow.  The Marc Lacy & Friends staff wowed the audience with cutting-edge and very timely presentations.  Big up to Terri and Curtis who are the owners of D4C Studio for Performing Arts.  Next Stop…SOCA Galleria in BridgeStreet featuring HBO Def Poet…Georgia Me, November 12th.

Jun 08 2011

Spoken Word Loses a Hero May 29th, 2011

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Will “Da Real One” Bell, HBO Def Poet, Slam Champion, Owner of Miami’s Famed Literary Cafe, and South Florida spoken word pioneer, lost his life to gunfire from lost souls who senselessly decided they were going to show how tough they were…or how tough they “thought” they were.
Will was so many things to so many people.  His spirit was so positive and strong.  He was walking inspiration.  Whenever one entered the literary cafe they felt right at home because Will, in his humble/comedic fashion set the scene nicely as he hosted a plethora of wonderful shows.

Rest in peace my friend…your legend will NEVER die.

Jun 08 2011

Richie Carter “Exposed” May 22nd, 2011

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Huntsville, AL’s own Richie Carter really outdid himself as he created a photographic oasis at the beautiful new wing of The Huntsville Museum of Art on Sunday, May 22nd as he “EXPOSED” the cutting edge photographer in him, to the community.  Not only did he display numerous gigantic prints of his awesome work, Richie also provided masterful hardback albums of his photos as well.  The venue was packed to capacity as the engaged audience enjoyed refreshments, door prizes, and very timely commentary by Richie himself.

Jun 08 2011

Marc Lacy & Friends May 14th, 2011

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The very first Marc Lacy & Friends event took place Saturday May 14th, 2011 at D4C Performing Arts Center (Madison, AL)…featuring Tasha Jones, J White, and Urban Light…hosted by Marc Lacy.  The Huntsville area, after having enduring severe storms a couple of weeks prior, was most certainly ready to engage in a “feel good” activity.  The Marc Lacy & Friends event did just that as each artist/poet/presenter wowed the crowd with amazing skills.  The vibe was perfect for seeds to be planted for the subsequent event.  Stay tuned for details.