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‎…LET ME BREAK THIS DOWN: When you’re a writer/poet/speaker/author, etc., TIME IS ALWAYS of the essence. HOWEVER, the more activities in which you engage, the more administrative attention is required in order for you to be successful. In essence, if you do tours, publish books, speaking engagements, produce cds, etc., budgeting, planning, promotions, and everything under the sun must take pla…ce if you want positive results. I said all of that to say that YOU WILL NOT BE IN CREATIVE MODE all of the time. People wonder why it takes so long to produce product…well now you have your answer. Everything takes time, especially if you want to do it right. So, before you engage in a writer/poet/speaker/author career, understand what it calls for and KNOW THYSELF! All the best to you! – Poet/Author Marc Lacy

Dec 28 2011

Resolution Pollution

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‘Tis that time of year…again.  You know the one…where pomp and circumstance reign supreme.  The time of year in which even the “highly churched” tend to act VERY superstitiously.  Funny thing is, some blame it on and even claim tradition.  BUT they dare not break that so-called tradition…whether it is on, during, or before watch night service or not.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about those blasted New Year’s resolutions.   Almost seems like a vinyl record scratched and stuck within the same song…you hear the same sound over and over and over again.  Many people really do not get how they sound when making a grand resolution.  It merely sounds like someone keeping time with the magnitude of the “occasion.”  And I hate to make this analogy; but it’s the only thing I can think of at the time:  I compare excitement about resolutions to the moments leading up to a one-night-stand.  NOBODY is thinking about the reality of the morning after.  I guess if you’re a hopeless romantic or a fantisizer (not a word),  why would you want to factor reality into your paradigm anyway right?  Now I would go with that; but it is difficult to support when most who make these inflated resolutions, are not doing it for escapism; but doing their part in keeping up with the dramatics of the year on deck and understanding that they probably will not stick to their plan to drop those 40 pounds, or to stop eating red meat, or to budget better.  But the fact that “I gave it the old college try” is all that matters.  STOP THE MADNESS!  We go through regimens daily that are mostly traditional protocol handed down from generation to generation.  Some habits are governed by the law of the land, others are simply just us doing what we are accustomed to doing.  And yes, the older you are, the harder it is to break a habit.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be done; but when aiming for the stars, EVERYONE needs to be a little bit more realistic about sacrifices that need to be made in order to get into orbit.  Can you afford the rocket fuel?  Has your rocket been tested?  Can you stomach re-entry?  What is your contingency plan should something malfunction upon the launch?   Okay, so the aforementioned is a little far-fetched; but let’s face it people, once you reach a certain point in your life, what you do is in your DNA.  You can WANT to get out of certain mindsets, protocols, and regimens all day…but the truth of the matter is…REALITY SAYS there are certain things you simply cannot do.  Why?  Because there are too many factors playing against you.

DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  Start today.   Start now.  Do not wait ’til the new year to make a pitch just to blend in with the crowd, then find yourself disappointed once again.   Just do what you can do…to the best of your ability and let God handle the rest.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Have a wonderful Day!

Poet/Author Marc Lacy

Dec 18 2011

The “Tebow” Effect

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Now I must admit, when Tim Tebow was the quarterback of the University of Florida Gators, I thought he was highly overrated.  Yes, even though he won a national championship after having quarterbacked a team through a season in the toughest conference in the nation…the SEC.  I felt that he would end up just like any other collegiate quarterback who was a product of a spread/option type system in college…an NFL bust.  Or the level of scrutiny would be so high, especially at the combine, that he would be discouraged from playing quarterback and encouraged to either play another position or not even play in the NFL at all.  Prime example of this, Eric Crouch (Heisman Winner)/Tommy Frazier of The University of Nebraska as well as Charlie Ward (Heisman Winner) of Florida State University. 

During preseason and up through the middle of the season, I would witness ESPN analysts convey VERY SHARP criticism of Tebow’s throwing motion, and inaccuracy.  But when Tim did manage to make it into the starting line-up and win a game or two, a few analysts warmed up to him; but did not fully endorse him.  Also it did not help the issue when it was widely known that the general manager did not even give him a vote of confidence.  I guess everyone wanted the public to put on a recruiter’s hat and understand the fact that this guy is too unorthodox of a player (and too orthodox of a devout Christian) to be a long term quarterback in the NFL even though he is winning.  HOWEVER, when the winning streak was increased to 7 games,  the mood seemed to change dramatically from the analyst’s perspective.  They went from saying, “Don’t believe the hype…” to “You have got to respect the fact that this young man is a winner!”  Of course, everybody loves a winner.  The Denver community, the NFL, the media, and the world have basically bought into it.  He transitioned from a gimmick into a darling.  Of course in this day and age of social media, his starpower is raging to heights previously unmeasured.  Regardless of what you may think of this kid, the record speaks for itself.  The Denver coaching staff finally got smart and designed an offensive package that could accentuate all of Tebow’s strengths.  Now that’s what you call coaching.  You play the hand you’ve been dealt to the best of your ability. 

Now let us take it even deeper.  I am a Christian; but not one who believes and slappin’ Christianity upside your head when I see you.  I aspire to illustrate my faith via actions and not per speeches, insignia, or debates.  I respect all religions and I do feel that we can all come together spiritually and uplift one another while giving The Creator the glory.  With that said, I have to be honest and convey the fact that I am highly elated that a professional athlete who is known as a GOOD PERSON first, is having remarkable success.  He praises God 24/7 whether there is a win or a loss.  He’s able to shine and does not have to have a wayward edge in which to do so.  To me, Tebow defies the notion that one has to be a “bad boy” to succeed in such a high level and intense profession.   He never asked for his signature prayer to be called “Tebowing.”  He never requested to be such a polarizing world renowned figure.  He never asked for world trends to “bring the sexy back to one being good…and not bad.”  He is a leader and a winner…and he is a pro at doing well with what is in the realm of his capability.  In essence, he takes to the max, maximizing the gifts God gave him.  His faith will remain the same regardless of what score shows on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

To me, the true Tebow effect is the fact that if he does continue winning and the Broncos somehow manage a deep playoff run, it will force the NFL to have a paradigm shift and be more friendly to option and spread offense quarterbacks being drafted…to play quarterback.  It also influences the naysayers to look at the ENTIRE skillset of the quarterback and not reduce his worth based on the type of offensive system he may have been a product of on the collegiate level.   This can certainly be attributed to the fact that Tebow is accomplishing everything that he is NOT supposed to accomplish being that he is an untested hybrid-type quarterback.  So one can only imagine how successful Charlie Ward, Eric Crouch, Tommy Frazier, and host of others would have been if the collective spread offense “buy in” would have been established within the NFL headshed.

To all the young people out there…there is such a thing as being a good person first, and still achieving success.  Whatever you engage in, do well, have faith, and give it EVERYTHING you have…100% of the time.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Have a pleasant day

Dec 15 2011

Pedophilia and Sexual Abuse…More than Just an Epidemic

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Many have asked, “What in the world is going on here?”  Especially when the cases of former Penn State Assistant (football) Coach Jerry Sandusky and former Syracuse Assistant (basketball) Coach Bernie Fine come up.  These are just a couple of many cases that have resurfaced after numerous years in dormancy.  And yes it is unfortunate that the statute of limitations comes into play in certain cases which yields the fact that the potential punishment stands no chance of equaling the crime.  I do think in cases like these, special consideration should be given to the fact of the “nature” of the crime. When it comes to the future of children, ALL BETS ARE OFF.

Why do I feel that Pedophilia and Sexual Abuse rank higher than an epidemic (in a bad way of course)?  Simple…because it is these types of actions which potentially thrust a youngster into confusion for the remainder of their lives.  Anytime you have coaches who are supposed to be role models, father figures, and leaders taking advantage of young boys, there is no other way to term it other than a “plague.”  Especially when you look at the level of frequency in which it occurs.  Saying that we live in a sick society is indeed an understatement.  These kids are at an impressionable age and when things of this magnitude happen to them, the image is planted into their minds forever.

Not only are many coaches and youth directors guilty, but you have preachers, teachers, politicians, etc. who are just as guilty.  When you focus on men trying to raise boys into men, the throb of the sting pulsate at an even higher rate.  Many loving mothers have put their trust into these “so-called” community role models only to be betrayed in an unearthly manner.  These men come into their dwelling supposedly with a loving and caring spirit exteriorly; but deep down inside, they are battling a gargantuan sized demon and apparently the only thing they’ve been able to do in the past is suppress it.

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder which requires treatment.  However the treatment does not guarantee full healing.  On top of that, by the time these coaches and leaders are called out for their actions, it’s too late for the child.  The child’s life is ruined and the violator may either get a sex offender label slapped on them or some sort of sentencing that no one feels is adequate for the offense.  But let us take it even deeper than that…see, somewhere along the line, the abuser was abused themselves…and the person who abused them was abused.  So the so-called curse lies within the lineage.  Of course none of the aforementioned is a viable excuse, and it definitely does NOT make it right.

Many people have asked, “Is there a legitimate rehabilitation out there that can combat this sickness?”  I mean, is there a “proven” approach that can at least mitigate the effects of this condition?  Regardless of what experts can come up with, it is not going to bring light to the darkness from years past; but it can certainly at least give hope for the future.  Everyone has to remain prayerful in order for a breakthrough to be made. 

Parents, before anyone babysits, coaches, or mentors your child, it is incumbent upon you to give them a thorough scrubbing (reputation/background/interview) so that you at least know with whom you’re dealing.  Popularity does not mean one is beyond fault or one may not slipup.  Because with popularity can come deception. But also continue to educate your child on a regular basis about what they should and should not do when an adult makes them feel uncomfortable. Whether it is your child or anyone else’s child…a child is a child is a child…and they deserve a fair opportunity to lead a stable and a healthy life. 


…You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

-Poet/Author Marc Lacy

Dec 05 2011

Will Herman Continue Walking, with a “Cain?”

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Now people, you know I am one to never really delve too deeply into the deep treacherous waters of the ocean we call “politics.”  But in this particular instance, I really could not help myself.  Now trust me, I’m so not the political blogger…yet.  And I absolutely have zero aspirations in becoming such.  But there are so many things that come to mind when we analyze the rise and fall of Mr. Herman Cain in his presidential bid…that is. 

I would like to say that this blog in no way, shape, form, or fashion, is neither an attack on Herman Cain, nor a dig at the GOP. And trust me, I will not be longwinded at all.  I just want to point out the fact that whether Mr. Cain is guilty or not (I’m not the judge), I will say that he is yet another example of what goes on in the political paradox.  It seems as though there is a dogma that has been established and of course, the masses will not refute, protest, or contest it.  This is just the way that it is.  To me it has nothing to do with race, background, religion, or greed.  But it has everything to do with the fact that “We will have no problems, UNTIL you begin to shine.”  In essence, those skeletal remains that lay deeply entrenched within the closet, somehow become enchanted, find their way out, load their weapons, and begin blasting when it is made known that somebody REALLY likes you. 

If Mr. Cain, (whom I feel wouldn’t have been the nominee anyway), would have continued his hover around the lower to mid tier of the candidate pool, he would not have had to address his infidelities to the slightest degree.  But because of his surge, this is what prompted the usual, “I’m not in this for the money” type statement of an a accuser (who happens to have a high-end attorney by the way).  Thus the firestorm begins. 

In my humble opinion, If Mr. Cain did what the accusers stated he did, he would have been just as guilty while he was not in the lead of the GOP presidential race.  But strangely, no one came out then.  Hmmm.  But do not fret.  Because this is not just an occurrence in the political realm only, this happens to ANYONE in ANY field who has an upside and/or potential be very powerful, popular, and make money by the truckload.

Right now, Mr. Cain is walking with Mrs. Cain.  After all of this, will she continue to walk with him?  Only time will tell…and honestly only God, Mr. Cain, and those ladies truly know what happened. 

I hope he solidified book deals and high profile interviews before the walls came tumbling down.  Oh, and I’m sure there is a network out there that will give him a job as a correspondent or even perhaps hire him to spearhead a primetime show.  Who knows.  But I guarantee you one thing, the paradox will never end or change as long as the rule-makers fool you into thinking that this is the way it has to be. 

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Have a wonderful day!

-Poet/Author Marc Lacy

Oct 28 2011

Do You Know How to Deal with a Backstabber?

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Honestly, here is yet another topic where if you ask five people, you will get five different answers.  Some people will tell you to just cut them off.  Others will tell you to forgive them because “they know not what they do…” then walk off into the sunset as if they found a cure for Cancer.   It’s really case by case and there is no ultimate blanket solution for this.  HOWEVER, forgiving them is the first step.  But before we go any further, let us make sure we understand what forgiving is and also the power that is in forgiving.  Remember, when you forgive someone, that does not mean you have to be in their face smiling.  It also does not mean that you are championing what they do or what they stand for.  How is there power in forgiving?  When you forgive someone, you set yourself free.  You release the hold they have on you. 

Ready to take it a step further?  Okay, in dealing with the backstabber specifically, you have to really analyze the situation.  Are you both in the same circle and cross the same paths often?  Do you only come into contact with them every now and then?  Did they REALLY stab you in the back?  Or did someone just say it to start something up and/or keep it going? 

Like I said before, there is no ultimate blanket solution that EVERY person can apply and witness a quick turn-around.  HOWEVER, try forgiving them and think of it as SETTING YOURSELF FREE.  Do it for you, and not for them.  But again, only a fool would continuously place themselves in the line of fire of a known backstabber.  Forgive and forgo!  Do not try and test your faith by placing yourself directly in the line of fire.  That is certainly not what faith is here for. 

Be smart, be patient, and be faithful.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Have a pleasant day.

Oct 16 2011


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Genesis: 1929 Exodus: 1968, living legacy is no longer theoretical or hypothetical. Living legacy does not absolve the present populous of the responsibility of continued vigilance, efforts, and dedication. Today is a day of serious reflection, celebration, and reaffirmed commitments. Today is a day on which my honor, dignity, and pride are elevated and ar…e scraping the edges of the atmosphere. Today is “the” day on which our friend, our brother, my fraternity brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will be honored via the memorial that was erected in his likeness.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Enjoy your day!

Oct 01 2011

In Principle/In Practice

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Before you indulge in this blog today, I will go ahead and beg for your pardon in advance for my frank speak here.  Now I know I am speaking about what many people are already thinking; but may not necessarily be processing or saying.  As human beings, for the most part, we are taught to do what is right or learn what is right.  Of course knowledge and execution are in two completely different solar systems.  With that said, allow me to pick your brain for a moment. What is a common phrase mentioned by public speakers, preachers, coaches, parents, and leaders?  Need help remembering?  Allow me to assist.  How about, “We’re all in this together.”  Or better yet, “We’re all God’s children.”  And finally, “We need to love everybody like we love ourselves.”  If I wrote a book on principles, you can rest assured that the aforementioned phrases among others, would be plastered all over the publication.  Better yet, I would have the reader swooning as examples would be applied via testimony or maybe through a short story or something.  Words and principle have been united in Holy Matrimony and well NEVER, EVER witness divorce.  I could turn words into prostitutes and make you the John instantaneously; because it was you who gave the “buy in” to what you read.  Okay, my whole point in saying this is not to boast; but to illustrate how what we read and hear can paint a picture of reality.  But yet what we practice may not line up with what we read and hear; yet and still we tend to hear the same thing over and practice the same thing over (different than what we heard) and still feel we are okay.  Don’t get me wrong, I am the LAST person who needs to judge anyone; but I can see clearly just like the next person who chooses to recognize truth.  WHY AM I SAYING ALL OF THIS?  Well, it just makes me wonder how people think “it is supposed to be.”  Because we HEAR We’re all God’s children, We’re all in this together, We’re supposed to love everyone like we love ourselves, yet we go to different churches, support different religions, roll with different cliques, join different organizations, attend different functions, like different people, highlight different laws, emphasize different verses/books of The Bible, and support whatever alternative lifestyle we desire. 

 Will people EVER look at practice on the same level as principle?  I personally do not think so because we are taught to verbally express the correct principle in the proper setting; but when it comes to practice, habitually, we are satisfied with just letting the chips fall where they may.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Enjoy your day!

Sep 29 2011

Too Many Dreamers/Too Few Do-ers

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We often encourage the youth to dream and dream big.  Usually the encouragement is concluded with a statement like, “Never let anyone take away your dream.”  Many parents and grown-ups marvel at the fact that their children want to be this or aspire to be that.  It is then a bigger story when the child’s dreams are conveyed to co-workers and other grown-ups via the parents.  There is nothing wrong with this.  As a matter of fact, it is as typical as clouds in the sky, when it is raining.  HOWEVER, I’m wondering if anyone is considering indoctrinating the dreamer on WAKING UP to do the WORK that is needed in order to fulfill the dream?  Is anyone interested in showing kids that there is no substitute for hard work and elbow grease?  Are we so drawn into “I want better for my kids, than I had” that we are content with spoiling first, then thinking later? 

Don’t get me wrong.  It is a wonderful thing to take our youth to ballgames, concerts, banquets, movies, and other place where they can see high paid professionals doing their thing in their respective field of interest. BUT, an equal amount of time needs to be spent in the gym, lab, office or wherever one can go through intense preparation in order to POSITION themselves for success.  In essence, if you are going to show them a fancy crib, show them how to either earn it, or build it from scratch.  It is as simple as that.

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.

Have a pleasant day!

Jun 21 2011

Passion with no Governing

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Have you ever met someone so passionate that they cannot even see straight?  We all know them and as nerve-racking as they can be, we still have a desire to be in their corner because they are so passionate in a time where many people lack it.  Immense drive, determination, and spirit earmark that person who is fueled heavily by passion.  The aforementioned are wonderful traits that really cannot be taught.  HOWEVER, anytime some logic is needed; but is not there, it won’t take very long for things to go awry.  If you are in a business, and there are moving parts involved, you cannot avoid logistics.  Even if you choose to shield yourself from business realities and hide deeply within your passion, things are still falling apart; but you’re just not allowing yourself to see them fall apart.  There’s nothing wrong with passion providing a temporary escape from reality; but you cannot really escape reality unless you’re on some sort of drugs – and that escape is temporary. 

When it comes to a person who operates via sheer passion, we do love them, but it is challenging at times.  Extremely passionate people are known for not listening to others advice, especially if the advisor is a technical or a business person.  Next thing you know, tensions run high as the friendship becomes strained or damaged.  It is almost like the “starving artist” syndrome in which logic gets locked outside so that it cannot interfere with king passion inside. 

Passion Overboard is an issue that many have dealt with for centuries.  And based on current happenings, it does not look like things will change anytime soon.  The best way to deal with someone who is passion first…just be yourself and take it case by case.  Don’t forget to remain prayerful and to be patient!

You have just read the mind of Marc Lacy.  Enjoy your day!

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