Sep 01 2010

If Men are Dumb and Women are Crazy…

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…then it should not be a surprise to you when craziness and dumbness reign supreme in a relationship right?  Okay, it does NOT have to be like that necessarily; but what if it gets to that point?  Will you be shocked?  By the time you get deeply into the relationship, dumb and crazy should not just sneak up on you.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Sep 01 2010

A Woman Desires for a Man to…

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…ride the emotional rollercoaster with her; but most of the time he does not want to even go to the amusement park.  Hmmm, this can be a hairy situation; but men, if you love your woman, this is a ride that you’re going to pretty much have to grin and bear.  Remember, “thick and thin.”  When those words at the alter translate into actual occurrences, that’s when people seriously begin to think about making a run for the border.  Emotions are a BIG part of a woman’s make up guys, and if that cannot be accepted then whew!  It’s going to be a long road ahead.

Sep 01 2010

A Man’s Words Can Bypass A Woman’s Ears…

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…and go straight to her heart.  That’s right fellas!  You can try to analyze it all day and it still may not make absolute sense to you.  But just understand the fact that women digest words entirely different than men.  To a woman, words are almost like food in that they can bear the recommended daily allowance of nutritrion.  She consumes and digests them like a full course meal.  THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS.  So men, it doesn’t hurt to listen to your own words sometimes.  Trust, she’s listening to EVERY syllable and is NOT forgetting.

May 12 2010

Us Men Actually Do Have Feelings

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Ladies, please do not let the subject shock you.  Okay, if so, enjoy the “good” shock.  But, for the record, I am not lying.  We do!  We do have feelings.  However the manner in which they are expressed is a whole different ball game.  Aside from the so-called “emotional” men, us men who are not so emotional are actually human.  But the way we express ourselves and the way you may “expect” us to express ourselves are usually not of the same dialect.  The thing is, pride and ego produce a thick force field which tends to shield those feelings from being expressed outwardly.  And if the mouth is the only source from which you feel expressive info is valid, then the “letdown” will only be compounded.  Just remember; both males and females desire peace and happiness.  Females will vocalize this yearn on many occasions; whereas the male won’t talk about it as often; but will act on it. 

LESSON:  I man’s body language will divulge more conversation and feeling than his mouth ever will.

May 11 2010

Welcome to “The Man-Ologist” Blogs

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The Man-Ologist Blogs have been designed mainly to cover but are not limited to relationship communication from the man’s perspective meeting the woman’s objective. These blogs are published with the intent on inducing eyebrow raising, yet productive dialogue between the sexes in an effort to revitalize relationship communication with a bit of entertainment sprinkled over the top.

Remember, at the end of the day, the information entailed within these blogs is merely “food for thought.”  It is here to influence you to possibly look at things from a different perspective.  Please be sure to read the hover-over disclaimer when selecting the Man-Ologist link from the Mainpage.  Enjoy!