Oct 14 2010

TTD #3 TFST Syndrome

Category: 3 Textually Transmitted Diseasesadmin @ 12:03 pm

Sometimes an innocent text by a significant other can spiral into a massive argument.  Texting for the sake of texting (TFST) is a nasty habit of several people.  It makes you wonder what the heck you were doing with your time before you even learned how to text.  Many people out there just text because their phone or blackberry has that capability per a sophisticated service plan.  You never know, your significant other could be having a bad day and you text them a joke…and they receive it all wrong.  Next thing you know, they’re blasting you on a reply text and your feelings are hurt because you didn’t mean any harm.  And now, an argument ensues. 

Texting is what people do nowadays…BUT DO NOT WEAR IT OUT.

Sep 01 2010

Techno Dating: Virus #4 (MSV)

The internet is flooded with all kinds of schemes.    Among the more popular, are the schemes to convince you to send  large amounts of money to fraudulent charities around the world.  But the funny thing about it (if humor could possibly be blended with this subject), is the fact that a lot of these schemers find plenty of prey on dating websites.  They pull verbiage and very attractive pictures from different places on the web, and BOOM!  Someone falls for it.  There are no 100% foolproof countermeasures out there other than a more sophisticated sign-up phase implemented by the site itself.  Other than that, people just have to understand that if it looks and sounds too good to be true, then that’s what it is.  MSV –  Money Scheme Virus.  DO NOT CATCH IT!

Jul 22 2010

Truth Cannot Take Away the Pain

Category: Breaking Up: Immediately There is No Winneradmin @ 2:08 pm

During a breakup, even if both parties wish to soften the blow…the truth of the matter is still GOING TO HURT!  ‘Nuff said!

Jul 22 2010

Deliverer and Receiver Get Punched in The Gut…

Category: Breaking Up: Immediately There is No Winneradmin @ 2:02 pm

If the deliverer has any type of heart (especially if the receiver is a good person), they will take it just as hard as the receiver.  However, there’s no pain like that which comes with a love that did not work.  But, you can bet the receiver is going to have to bear the brunt especially when you factor in, the element of rejection.  Meanwhile, the deliverer is confused about what to say to the receiver.  On one hand, if you say that they are a very positive person along with other compliments, that could potentially make their pain worse.  “If I’m such a good person, why are you dumping me?”  Then on the other hand, you don’t want to sound cold either.  So it is practically a no win situation for either party…at this juncture.  But faith and time can eventually make both parties a winner.

Jul 22 2010

I Just Wanted to See How You’d Respond

Category: 5 Phrases that Cause Relationship Blackoutadmin @ 1:50 pm

The subject statement is enough to get any lover riled up!  It’s already  bad enough to test your mate; but doggone, then you “tell” them you’re testing them.  Wow.  That, in some cases, would be enough to drive a sober person back to drinking.  Regardless of the tone of the conversation, seeing how someone would respond and then acknowledging the fact that they’ve been tested makes the recipient feel as if they’re being toyed with or are in the middle of a game.  If this type of behavior is exhibited on a routine basis, your lover will more than likely be worn out…and then “want” out.

Jul 22 2010

#10 of 10: Even if He’s in Shorts, He Still Wears the Pants

Category: 10 Things Both Sexes Wish Women Knew About Menadmin @ 12:48 pm

Ladies, you’ve got to  make him feel like the man of the house.  Even if you make $350,000 a year and he makes a measly $350 a year…at the end of the day, you’ve got to support him in wearing “the pants” around the house.  Because if he does not feel like he is holding it down, there are plenty of arguments sure to ensue.

Jul 22 2010

#9 of 10: As a Woman Hurts, a Man Hurts…

Category: 10 Things Both Sexes Wish Women Knew About Menadmin @ 12:39 pm

Okay Ladies,  just because you may have a “desire” to see a man hurt (in an effort for him to illustrate his feelings and emotions when going through something), if he does NOT show you that he is hurt…it does NOT mean that he is not hurting.  Remember, men and women emotionally are wired differently.  Do not assume that he is not releasing emotions properly just because he may not be carrying it out in a manner that would be fitting for “you.”

Jul 22 2010

#8 of 10: If A Man Entertains her Every Conversation

Category: 10 Things Both Sexes Wish Women Knew About Menadmin @ 12:27 pm

If he entertains your “every” conversation request ladies, that means you are DATING and he’s seriously trying to get to know you better.  Let’s face it…once you’re in there, the conversation is bound to change.

Jul 22 2010

#7 of 10 Things: When He Speaks to You…

Category: 10 Things Both Sexes Wish Women Knew About Menadmin @ 12:24 pm

Ladies, during the early dating stages, if a man is speaking to you and it sounds like “wonk, wonk, wonk” (he’s saying something to you that doesn’t make much sense), that means he likes you.  Just another innocent thing to go with the lovey dovey phase.  Bear in mind, as couples settle down with one another, the tone of their communication “could” more than likely change.  So enjoy the “wonk, wonk, wonk.”

Jun 07 2010

We Are Probably Not Compatible

Category: 5 Phrases that Cause Relationship Blackoutadmin @ 2:13 pm

It is true that some things are better left unsaid.  Well, some things do not need to be iterated until their proper time (of course, that’s like everything).  Like for instance, if you and your  significant other are in the process of trying to patch things up…”We are probably not compatible…but let’s give it a try anyway” is  not going to strengthen up any bond any time soon.  The word “not” should be temporarily removed from your vocabulary.   If the subject phrase is used, you can just about guarantee that morale is NOT going to be at an all time high.  Although you called yourself painting a true and real picture, any vote of confidence that was given to your mate previously, has been stripped.  When that confidence decreases it creates more of an opportunity for speculation to take over.

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