Jul 22 2010

#10 of 10: Even if He’s in Shorts, He Still Wears the Pants

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Ladies, you’ve got to  make him feel like the man of the house.  Even if you make $350,000 a year and he makes a measly $350 a year…at the end of the day, you’ve got to support him in wearing “the pants” around the house.  Because if he does not feel like he is holding it down, there are plenty of arguments sure to ensue.

Jul 22 2010

#9 of 10: As a Woman Hurts, a Man Hurts…

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Okay Ladies,  just because you may have a “desire” to see a man hurt (in an effort for him to illustrate his feelings and emotions when going through something), if he does NOT show you that he is hurt…it does NOT mean that he is not hurting.  Remember, men and women emotionally are wired differently.  Do not assume that he is not releasing emotions properly just because he may not be carrying it out in a manner that would be fitting for “you.”

Jul 22 2010

#8 of 10: If A Man Entertains her Every Conversation

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If he entertains your “every” conversation request ladies, that means you are DATING and he’s seriously trying to get to know you better.  Let’s face it…once you’re in there, the conversation is bound to change.

Jul 22 2010

#7 of 10 Things: When He Speaks to You…

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Ladies, during the early dating stages, if a man is speaking to you and it sounds like “wonk, wonk, wonk” (he’s saying something to you that doesn’t make much sense), that means he likes you.  Just another innocent thing to go with the lovey dovey phase.  Bear in mind, as couples settle down with one another, the tone of their communication “could” more than likely change.  So enjoy the “wonk, wonk, wonk.”

Jun 07 2010

#6 OF 10 Things…Not in The Mood

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There is merit behind the popular accusation that several women make on men:  “All men think about is eating and sex.”   How could you  say this and not add sports watching to the pool of pitiful characteristics?  Yes, for the most part, all of the aforementioned are true; but when it comes down to “it,” a man “not in the mood” has really not been discovered yet.  He may be distracted or under the weather; but NOT IN THE MOOD?  You’re talking a man?  Very unlikely to happen.

Jun 02 2010

#5 OF 10 Things…Unrelated Issues

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Okay, with this one…may as well get directly to the point.  Ladies, to a man, after foreplay is not the time to discuss unrelated issues…period.  In essence, if you need to speak with him about an unpaid bill, errands, or t-ball practice for little Johnnie, just plan to do it way before or way afterwards.  If you should choose to board that intimate flight, please plan on taxi, take-off, and landing.  Do not board the flight, taxi for a while, just to turn around and head back to the gate. 
Or if you should get airborne, lose focus, and decide to bring up unrelated issues at high altitude, it is guaranteed that your flight will be extremely turbulent.  Mitigate the turbulence and just wait ’til later to bring up the off-subject.

Now, if he is in the doghouse, that of course puts a completely different dynamic on everything. 
Regardless of the circumstances, the bringing up of unrelated issues during  those times of high intimacy is equivalent to torture for him.  Ladies, if you are NOT attempting to torture him, just make  a mental note to bring it up later.

May 24 2010

#4 OF 10 Things…The Playoffs and Yard Work

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With the exception of the playoffs and yard work, a man will not purposely tune his woman out.   We all know that the sense of timing in males and in females can be 180 degree-like different.  With this being the case, it is not uncommon for a woman to make a suggestion to her man about something necessary; but not having to do with anything  currently in which he is engaged.  Like for instance, during the Major League Baseball penant races, a man may be glued to his favorite lounge chair with a cold one in hand tuned into a game that’s tied at the bottom of the 9th inning while the bases are loaded, and the count 3-2.  If he’s in a trance, it may be good to allow him to remain in it ’til the game is through.  Otherwise, that spiel you gave him about helping your mother train her dog for a show was probably as good as not being said.

May 24 2010

#3 OF 10 Things…Honey Do’s

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Honey do’s during bad times equate to honey don’ts.  That’s right.  In some households honey do’s during pleasant times are challenging enough.  But during and between arguments, assigning tasks for hubby may not be the best of  times in which to do it.  Let’s face it, hubby is already probably not in the best of moods after a heated discussion.  So it is perhaps better for the state of your sanity to delay painting the kitchen and re-papering the bathrooms until things simmer a little.

May 17 2010

#2 OF 10 Things…When a Man is Hungry…

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…as his appetite expands, his attention span contracts. 

Honestly, words cannot genuinely describe the relationship between a man’s mind and his stomach.  Let’s just say, they have been united in holy digestive matrimony.  When the stomach talks, chatter from everywhere else really does not get interpreted the ways that it should…that is, if it is listened to in the first place.  Therefore, in order to hold his attention, make sure he’s holding a plate with something that he can consume.

May 12 2010

#1 OF 10 Things…A Man WILL Listen…

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Um…but not ALL DAY.  In essence ladies, once you initialize telling your man how your day went, typically, you’ll have him at “hello.”  Men usually are not good at absorbing and interpreting litanies syllable for syllable for an extended period of time.  By keeping it short and sweet while sticking to the major topic and headline, usually means you’ll stand a better chance to make headway in the communication realm with your man. 

Now if he appears to look bored or disinterested, your intuition is going to be all over it…over it to the point to where it compels you to ask, “Are you listening to me?”  If you so happen to ask that question more  than once,  you don’t have to necessarily mark it (conversation) up as a loss; but that just may be the conversation that “got away.”  Please do not use his alleged “disinterest” as a reason to drill more detail after detail.  That will only make it worse.  Save yourself the frustration and “strategically” apply the conversation aspect. 

Same thing applies for when he is fully engaged in something he may like; such as watching a ball game or working in the garage.  He will be more apt to pay attention to things within the realm of what is taking place.  In essence, talking “baby shower” in the middle of a playoff game may not yield the results you were expecting, unless of course, you were expecting little to no response. 

Just remember ladies, although each man is different, we are close to the same when it comes to certain characteristics.  Just make sure you give yourself some time to learn your man and to also explore different ways in which you can keep his attention during conversation.