Jul 22 2010

I Just Wanted to See How You’d Respond

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The subject statement is enough to get any lover riled up!  It’s already  bad enough to test your mate; but doggone, then you “tell” them you’re testing them.  Wow.  That, in some cases, would be enough to drive a sober person back to drinking.  Regardless of the tone of the conversation, seeing how someone would respond and then acknowledging the fact that they’ve been tested makes the recipient feel as if they’re being toyed with or are in the middle of a game.  If this type of behavior is exhibited on a routine basis, your lover will more than likely be worn out…and then “want” out.

Jun 07 2010

We Are Probably Not Compatible

Category: 5 Phrases that Cause Relationship Blackoutadmin @ 2:13 pm

It is true that some things are better left unsaid.  Well, some things do not need to be iterated until their proper time (of course, that’s like everything).  Like for instance, if you and your  significant other are in the process of trying to patch things up…”We are probably not compatible…but let’s give it a try anyway” is  not going to strengthen up any bond any time soon.  The word “not” should be temporarily removed from your vocabulary.   If the subject phrase is used, you can just about guarantee that morale is NOT going to be at an all time high.  Although you called yourself painting a true and real picture, any vote of confidence that was given to your mate previously, has been stripped.  When that confidence decreases it creates more of an opportunity for speculation to take over.

Jun 02 2010

I Should Have Stayed with My Ex

Category: 5 Phrases that Cause Relationship Blackoutadmin @ 12:36 pm

Well, I hope that somebody likes worms; because a whole can of them has just been opened.  Most people do not realize the psychological impact this has on someone when the subject words are iterated during a lover’s argument.  Immediately the speculation is elevated to an alarming level.  Why?  Your significant other is going to wonder if you have indeed been involved with your ex while partaking of your current relationship.  Not only that, they now may have reason to not trust you at all.  And when that trust is gone, so is the relationship.  So deep down inside, even if you feel (to some degree) you should have  stayed with your ex, if you are trying to salvage your current relationship, refrain from making this relationship-plug-pulling statement.  Otherwise it will be over before you two can walk away from each other.

May 26 2010

Don’t Know If I Can Trust You

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This is as close to the “death knell” as you may get.  If you or your significant other iterate the subject words, be afraid…be very afraid.  Okay, when trust is point blank lost, it is a terrible thing.  But if someone flat out says that they cannot trust you…AT LEAST YOU KNOW.   But the speculation behind the subject phrase can be killer.  One of the worst feelings in the world is not knowing what your lover is thinking or feeling.  At this juncture, you  are going to always feel that you’re on trial, unless of course they decide to convey the fact that they do trust you again.  Hmmm…”do trust you again.”  What is the likelihood of that happening when the average person finds it hard to recover when they feel they cannot trust someone?  Not impossible; but highly improbable. 

So whether you are the deliverer or receiver of the subject phrase, you are either potentially cutting it off, or possibly being cut off.  Either way, things may never be the same after this.  So if you do not mean it, please do not say it.  You never know how one’s pysche is affected by that powerful phrase.

May 26 2010

I’m Having My Doubts

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Whew!  Once you or your mate iterates the subject phrase, you can just about guarantee that speculation is going to grow into a VERY thick cloud – in somebody’s  mind.  Having doubts equates to one “teetering.”  When one teeters, confidence is certainly not at an all-time high.  Once confidence as been reduced, in some instances, it’s quicker to slip further back than it is to strengthen.  A person cannot see what is positive because their attention has been diverted to “red flags.”  Heavy attention to red flags begets the birth of more red flags.  Next thing you know, a white flag will be waving amid the red ones.  Although “I’m having my doubts” does not necessarily signify the end is near, it has the power to make you think the end is near.