Jul 22 2010

Truth Cannot Take Away the Pain

Category: Breaking Up: Immediately There is No Winneradmin @ 2:08 pm

During a breakup, even if both parties wish to soften the blow…the truth of the matter is still GOING TO HURT!  ‘Nuff said!

Jul 22 2010

Deliverer and Receiver Get Punched in The Gut…

Category: Breaking Up: Immediately There is No Winneradmin @ 2:02 pm

If the deliverer has any type of heart (especially if the receiver is a good person), they will take it just as hard as the receiver.  However, there’s no pain like that which comes with a love that did not work.  But, you can bet the receiver is going to have to bear the brunt especially when you factor in, the element of rejection.  Meanwhile, the deliverer is confused about what to say to the receiver.  On one hand, if you say that they are a very positive person along with other compliments, that could potentially make their pain worse.  “If I’m such a good person, why are you dumping me?”  Then on the other hand, you don’t want to sound cold either.  So it is practically a no win situation for either party…at this juncture.  But faith and time can eventually make both parties a winner.

May 22 2010

An Immediate Loss for Both

Category: Breaking Up: Immediately There is No Winneradmin @ 6:24 pm

Even if you are breaking up for the better; during the point of reckoning it is never really a nice thing for the deliverer or the recipient.  Why is this?  Well for the most part, the recipient just got rejected, fired, given the axe, what have you.  So this is in no way, shape, form or fashion a pleasant experience by any stretch for them.  On the other hand, regardless of the circumstance, the deliverer has to deal with pressure or tension knowing that this person who they rejected is possibly very angry with them.   Thus there is a feeling of damned if you do and damned if you don’t…especially if the deliverer is a caring person. 

Of course over time, the tension is diminished as both parties move on with their lives.  Sometimes things can be patched up (frienship wise) depending on what type of people they are.  This can happen so smoothly that often time each party forgets what transpired during the actual moments of the breakup.

Breaking up is a necessary act in the world of relationships; however during the breakup conversation, whether it is right or wrong; do not expect a bed of roses.