Jun 03 2010

#2 Bars Tend to be a “Quick Fix”, Not a Long-term Solution

Now it certainly does not take rocket science to figure out that some people just flat out use bars as place for “fantasies” or a means to escape.  Again, not judging anyone or any type of environment.  But if you’re a regular at the bar and you are seeking a significant other, these things have to be taken into consideration.  Why?  Easy…you have some very wayward people out there who simply get themselves inebriated to the point at which they even forget about their own shortcomings.  Thus if you so happen to run into a person of this status at a bar, you will more than likely be face to face with their fantasy representative.  Meaning, there is a possibilty you will converse with a big smoke screen which in the long run is a recipe for disaster.  Why not put yourself in a position to meet someone whose judgement, speak, and character are unimpeded and you stand a better chance of meeting the real person?  Let’s face it, it’s hard enough getting a gist of the person without the influence of alcohol.

May 17 2010

#1 Alcohol May do The Talking

(Note:  This blog is not intended to give bars, lounges, or those who frequent them, a bad rap.)

People have different reasons for frequenting bars.  Some like to unwind with one nice drink, and just go home…by themselves.  Others who may be social seekers would perhaps go to see whom and what they can see and let the chips fall where they may.  At any rate, a bar is a bar is bar.  Then you have those who allow themselves to be victims of the environment.  In essence, they do not have bad intentions; but if something “not good” were to come out of it, then they just chalk it up to “coming with the territory.”  And finally, there are others who make no secret about their intentions when then step into a bar…”Ready – aim – fire – hit – capture.”

Have you noticed?  There may be more than a few people telling you things you want to hear.  Better yet, you may get compliments that are on the cutting edge of an outright lie (respectfully).  Why is this?  Hmmm, well for starters remember you are in a bar.  People do not go to bars to sip coffee, soda, or water…not on the regular anyway.  They are there to sip on something that can perhaps either knock the edge off, give them an edge, or in some instances to get flat out wasted.  Of course sober logic and logic under the influence are two completely different things.  The latter is probably what you’ll be on the receiving end of  when frequenting a bar.  False feelings, lead to false promises, but perhaps REAL problems. 

At bars, when alcohol talks, people listen.  And if people listen “and” give in, trouble is sure to ensue.  Thus instead of advancing, you’ve set yourself back further than you were when you originally set foot in there in the first place.

May 12 2010

Good Catch Good Pond/Bad Catch Bad Pond

Well now, of course it does not take a genius to figure out that if you go fishing in The Amazon basin, you just may catch a Piranha.  Or if you go flying, you may run into a cloud or two.  Bottom line, many people position themselves to find what they are after.  The drive-thru was designed for you to acquire something relatively cheap and relatively quick.  Compare that to the premise of a dine-in restaurant, which is to appease the customer with atmosphere, service, and specially prepared meals. 

Keep an eye out as this blog will provide you with various perspectives on the act of positioning oneself to receive desired results.