Sep 01 2010

Techno Dating: Virus #4 (MSV)

The internet is flooded with all kinds of schemes.    Among the more popular, are the schemes to convince you to send  large amounts of money to fraudulent charities around the world.  But the funny thing about it (if humor could possibly be blended with this subject), is the fact that a lot of these schemers find plenty of prey on dating websites.  They pull verbiage and very attractive pictures from different places on the web, and BOOM!  Someone falls for it.  There are no 100% foolproof countermeasures out there other than a more sophisticated sign-up phase implemented by the site itself.  Other than that, people just have to understand that if it looks and sounds too good to be true, then that’s what it is.  MSV –  Money Scheme Virus.  DO NOT CATCH IT!

May 26 2010

Techno Dating: Virus #3 (FPFCV)

How do any of us know that just by looking at a profile, if a person’s pics are genuine and if their profile information is accurate/real?  There is really no way to know, unless you already know that person.  But once you get taken by someone’s profile alone, you may automatically become a victim of Fake Pic/Fake Creds Virus.  Of course society always implies that “beauty is only skin deep.”  Regardless of how true that statement may be or not, people are attracted to attractive pictures on websites.  Of course many dating sites have it designed to where you look at the pic first, then go into a profile.   People are not intrigued to look into the profiles of not so attractive pics.  The pics reel you in, then you’re exposed to someone saying they are a doctor, or certified in this/that, or better yet, they are a specialist in a popular field.  At this juncture, the only thing you can do is take their word for it.  Otherwise there is nothing else for you to base your assessment on.

May 26 2010

Techno Dating: Virus #2 (PRV)

Perfect Representative Virus (PRV) is the most common of the Techno Dating viruses.  Just think, even when you meet someone physically for the first time, more than likely you’ll meet that person’s representative.  In essence, no flaws exposed, great mood, and great atmosphere to go along with it.  With this being the case, what makes you think that you won’t meet the perfect representative on an online dating site?  Because fancy words and nice pics are common place when it comes to techno dating.  You are first attracted to the profile pic (let’s just be honest).  Then there’s the verbiage talking about someone liking simple things in life, being down to earth, and loving the outdoors.  Next thing you know, someone has been swooned to the point at which they divulge their phone number, address, and other information…all to a person  hiding behind that electronic wall…representative I should say.

May 12 2010

Techno-Dating: Virus #1 (PPOPIV)

Picture Perfect or Picture Imperfect?  In this day and age of online databases housing that so-called dream lover, many forget…if it appears to come out of a dream, then it certainly does not belong or exist in reality.  I hate to be the bearer of “real” news; but anyone can just about photoshop a photo.  Or they may know someone who is an expert at it.  This is no problem; but when you finally meet that person, the real deal, unfortunately cannot be photoshopped.  Thus another dream or fantasy bites the dust.  Now, this is just one of the many drawbacks when it comes to online dating.  Hey, some people like to peruse a database and look at fresh and attractive “looking” faces.  There is nothing wrong with a temporary escape…if that is your thing.  Who knows, there just may be that one prize catch frolicking behind the electronic wall waiting on YOU.  Bottom line, you just don’t know until you try right?  Just be careful while you try.  Learn to temper your expectations.  Because if a picture rocks your world and a person’s characteristics and credentials do not, you may be in for a world of hurt if that person ends up looking nothing like their picture(s). 

LESSON:  When perusing online dating sites, DO NOT let a picture alone, drain you of your common sense.